5 Week Home Workout Plan


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With the gyms now closed, it's important that we all keep active and exercising for our physical and mental health.

Pure Fitness Derby and LE Strength & Conditioning have come together to create home workouts that are designed to keep you progressing whilst the gyms are closed.

These are not your normal off-the-shelf, cookie-cutter plans. These have been planned down to the last detail by our team of strength and conditioning coaches.

These are 5-week plans to keep you progressing like you would in the gym.

This training plan will include the following:

1. Neural Stimulus Session
2. Body Weight Only
3. Pyramid Conditioning
4. Aerobic Conditioning
5. Repeat Sprint Training
6. Tissue Conditioning & Prehab

You will receive ongoing WhatsApp support, exercise tutorial videos and a in-depth training plan to keep you progressing at home.